So, What Makes Us Different?

Cinema is such a cool word to use when you’re in the line of work that we’re in and sadly enough, people misuse it. We promise to deliver a wedding film to you that you will cherish for the rest of your life, watching those precious memories you waited so long for. Your wedding day is a party, and we want to treat it as such. ZakkShane Photo specializes in wedding films that capture crazy awesome couples who are wildly in love. We believe wedding videography for Lake Charles couples is the absolute biggest adventure that we could have ventured into. For that reason we say, “we love what we do”.

What Do Our Wedding Videography Bundles Look Like?

We only offer a single package at this time. But why though? Offering wedding videography in Lake Charles, we would hate the idea of delivering anything to you that is less that perfect. That’s why we created a package that is absolutely everything you need to cherish your precious memories. For this reason alone, we know that this is a one-size-fits-all package. This doesn’t leave room for regret from our couples.

Wedding videography deliveries are made over I also included a second videographer when creating this package for you.

1: Film Teaser

This one is more of an added bonus with a unique twist. We typically get your sixty-second wedding teaser videography out within 48 hours of the ceremony.

But why? You and I both know that your family and friends are all on the look out for wedding photos and videos from the big day. Likewise, this builds a little hype to your upcoming highlight film, by-far our most socially shared item from your package. We’ll usually do this to music or a voice-over for a more cinematic look and feel. 

2: Highlight Film

The highlight film is what we like to refer to as the “big daddy”. Alright, maybe I’m the only person that calls it that. That was a terrible joke.

Hoorah! Your highlight film is the most creatively satisfying part of your wedding videography package is usually 5-8 minutes. The highlight film has 2-4 songs in it. Usually with a voice over or two from your vows, letters, or other vocal moments of the wedding day. This is the “make your mom cry” video, if anyone is asking.

3: Wedding Ceremony Feature-Film

This one is the part that makes us stand out from the new guys or your uncle with a handycam. Unfortunately, What most videographers fail to tell their clients is that the “standard” DSLR or Mirrorless camera will only record up to 30 minutes at a time. As your Lake Charles wedding videographers, we know that a half hour can be close. Especially when having a traditional Full-Mass, in one of our beautiful Catholic Churches. Our setup that allows us to capture your entire ceremony. How’s that for a killer videography-insurance policy?

Professional Audio and Multiple Camera Angles.

Additionally, we don’t post your ceremony on our social accounts due to length but you will be provided a link with your wedding ceremony film with multiple camera angles and professional audio. We capture about 3-6 audio sources, depending on the event. Sometimes, even more.

4: Other Bonus Wedding Content

Most videographers or wedding film companies will upcharge the cost of any clips that qualify as “bonus content”. Though not itemized in your package, we include any of these key moments in their entirety that were captured. This includes first dances, speeches, first looks, and even letter-reading. Typically, you’d be look at at around $1200 extra for that alone.

Booking Your Lake Charles Wedding Videography

Due to a high demand in wedding videography in our area, we required a 50% deposit to hold your date. With only half due up front, you can actually pay-as-you-go or pay the other half within two-weeks of your wedding day. We DO offer a bundle rate when booking photography & videography together. For booking inquiries or any questions, contact us.


We highly recommend that you bundle your wedding photography & videography in order to get the best experience AND the best pricing for your wedding memories.

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