Yep. You may not realize that deep within the hidden parts of Lake Charles, somebodies grandmother with old senior portraits hung on the wall. We’re talking about train tracks, selective color, and even those cheesy wooden signs with text all over them.  The good news is that you won’t find a lot of the old classics with me. Not a single Letterman jacket behind your back while sitting on a railroad picture during your Lake Charles Senior Portraits.

No halfway black & white, halfway color craziness either. If your Lake Charles senior portraits are going to lasts forever, don’t you think we should make them rock? Maybe you just want a cool Facebook picture? You can use it for that too!  Just remember this, one day your children and grandchildren will look back at these photos and remember just awesome you really were. Yes, Letterman jackets are allowed during your session. That was a very awkward example.

senior portraits in lake charles


Now, it’s finally senior year. Aren’t you excited? This is your LAST year of high school. How cool is that? Your Lake Charles or Baton Rouge senior portrait session should reflect your true personality. What do you enjoy doing? Sports? Fashion? Hunting? Shopping? I take extra effort to insure that you have the best senior photography with some pretty awesome locations around Lake Charles.  You are showing Hamilton, Barbe, Sam Houston, or even McNeese State what you’re really made of! My style ranges from very modern to a more classic film look/feel.

We will have an adventurous photo shoot all around the Lake Charles and Baton Rouge areas finding parking garages, rooftops, a random beach, and more.

Locations for Your Lake Charles Senior Portraits

Above all, these locations get chosen to make sure that you have unique photos that are difficult for others to replicate. Let’s start planning how we can make your photos look like you! Likewise, everyone looks better when they look like themselves. Congratulations on your senior year! You made it!

Print Your Portraits

Finally, the shoot is was captured and now it’s time for prints. I offer top-tier quality prints that are made with the best inks and papers that you can get. Why stop with paper though? I offer metal, acrylic, and slim-wrap prints that will show off how amazing you looked during your photography session. Likewise, most of our wraps and metals have a pre-mounted backing that allows you to hang your senior portrait photography with zero additions, making these easy to place on your walls. You look great and Mom gets new decor. Life is beautiful when everybody is happy, right? PS: If you order a matte finish over a glossy, you won’t regret it!