Some of the Best Ever. 

Ah. Louisiana Wedding Photography & Videography is the best. The final leg of Zach & Layni’s wedding package. It’s been such a great run with these two and I couldn’t be happier for them as they start their life together. Layni has been one of the most kind hearted and gentle brides I’ve ever had and quite frankly, she sets the bar for great people in general. Zach is the type of guy that you will generally just love to be around due to a great attitude and outlook on things.

We did all of the Bridal and Engagement photography in Lake Charles but the wedding day was at St. Philip Neri in Kinder, Louisiana with the reception to follow at the Allen Parish Civic Center. The wedding was beautiful and we even had the privilege of shooting and editing their wedding film. It’s crazy how quickly time flies with clients like this. First it’s the wedding consult and then suddenly the wedding day is over and delivered.

An Intimate Louisiana Ceremony & Reception. 

Layni & Zach, now known as “the Daigles”, had an intimate, yet large wedding followed by quite the party of a reception. There’s one thing that will always hold true… These people know how to throw a wedding reception. Not only is a great reception great for Louisiana wedding photography & videography, but it creates amazing memories that you will always get hold on to, celebrating with some of your closest friends. What other state has groups of people dancing around with drinks atop their heads in the name of tradition? I’m pretty sure Louisiana may be the only one in this case. 

Tears & Tears.

I like to judge the success of a day like this based on the tears from the people closest to the family. I don’t know any of these people in this scenario, however, my wife and two of her friends watched the Daigle’s videos and cried every time. So I count that a success any day. Tears are a great indicator that the proper emotion was translated in an edit or a video. Not to say no tears means failure but it’s always a surreal feeling to see people cry when watching the videos or looking at the photos from the big day. Am I weird for that? Cruel maybe? Or is this somewhat normal? 

I Would Do It Again Any Day

I’m so excited for you two as you start your life together and it was amazing getting to not only capture your big day through photography but videography as well. I’m excited to see what the future holds for you guys as you embark on this crazy adventure. Here are a few of my favorite images as well as the teaser and recap videos from this amazing Louisiana wedding.