That Timeless New Orleans Vibe

IL Mercato Weddings is such a beautiful wedding venue. Seriously. Everything about the venue birthed in 1931 is sheer perfection. The architecture has some pretty timeless features like a private courtyard with an outdoor fireplace; a gorgeous ballroom with those classy herringbone wood floors and some super fancy chandeliers that add the perfect finishing touches. The library is my favorite place to shoot considering the moody lighting that peeks through the windows. IL Mercato also has what is possibly the largest women’s lounge I’ve ever seen. All of it, the old & the new. From the brass doors, steel frame windows, and grand arches add a flavor to your wedding that dreams are made of. This French Wedding venue, located in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, LA is one that you won’t regret. Simply put, Il Mercato Weddings are weddings for the books.


Why Should You Consider IL Mercato? Thoughts from a Photographer + Videographer

As a wedding videographer and photographer based in Baton Rouge, I’m a huge advocate for great looking venues. Photographing & filming over 75 venues, I’ve seen time and time again where people skimp out and get a cheap venue and the videos and photos usually reflect that. It’s a difficult pill to take, but you get what you pay for in that regard. From my perspective and the over 150 weddings I’ve captured, if you want a timeless wedding, book a IL Mercato Wedding. The blend of a vintage building and those New Orleans vibes is a recipe for success.


Even Better With Great Vendors? Verde Beauty.

Being a Baton Rouge wedding videographer & photographer, I can be a little biased. However, one specific Vendor that I highly for your New Orleans or Baton Rouge wedding is Verde Beauty.

Tina Rodesta and her team are the bar for excellence in the makeup & hair industry. They go the extra mile, ensuring great detail in a timely manner. Furthermore, I’ve never seen a hair & makeup artist treat clients like Tina does. For example, a unique service that she offers with her packages is to follow you around keep you looking fresh, clean, and stunning. She will change your hairstyle for different portions of the day, also in a very timely manner. Highly suggested! Fun fact, all of the brides in on this page had their hair AND make-up done by the Baton Rouge Verde team!


IL Mercato Weddings are Simply The Best.

In conclusion, you won’t find another venue like this one. Everything looks like something from a magazine or a fairy tale. This venue is every brides dream wedding waiting to happen. All it takes is you at this point. Don’t forget to check out our photography & videography packages to ensure you capture every moment perfectly from your big day in New Orleans.


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