The Best Lake Charles Engagements

Shuna & Dan. What a freakin’ couple. Seriously though. These Lake Charles engagements are some of my all time favorites. I’ve known Shauna for a long time and she’s always been a blast to be around. I just met Dan and he’s no exception. I loved working with them here in Lake Charles.

When The Groom Actually “Enjoys” Photos

“Uh, I actually had fun doing these” -Dan

You have no idea how awesome it is when the groom-to-be makes a comment about enjoying the engagement session. Let’s just say that portrait sessions aren’t most guys idea of a fun time, myself included. It’s ridiculous how much we were able to just cut up and have a blast during their Lake Charles engagement session. I absolutely couldn’t wait until Shuana’s bridal session and ultimately, the wedding day. These downtown Lake Charles engagements were so much fun, considering the level of comfort that everyone had with each other.

It’s Exciting to Photograph Engagements

Guys, the fact that you chose me to be your wedding photographer and came all the way to Lake Charles for engagements means the world! Congratulations on your future. You crazy kids.

The Wedding & The Bridals Were Equally As Awesome

A massive benefit to booking your photography and wedding videography sessions all with the same person is that everything becomes a part of the wedding stories narrative. It was so much fun getting to be their photographer, but it documenting a story is my jam. I’ll be posting from their wedding day & bridal session soon. So, stay tuned.

Another huge benefit to the same team photographing your story from proposal until the wedding day is consistency. You’ll always end up with more consistent results when you have a consistent team. This is huge and underrated! Trust me, I’ve seen it first hand!