Mississippi meets Baton Rouge and takes engagements in Lake Charles. I can get with that. The photography from that day was just great.

Brayden is from Mississippi and is engaged to Savanna who is from Baton Rouge and I get to be their wedding photographer. I love getting to work with people during these super happy parts of the planning of their forever. Being a wedding photographer is quite honestly, very fulfilling. I love to see the looks on clients faces when I show them the back of the camera during a session.

We photographed their engagements at the boardwalk in Lake Charles as well as a construction site that gave the illusion of hanging out in Little Rock. It’s awesome when things work out like that. Despite the fact that I nearly destroyed the front end of my Jeep Patriot after hitting a pothole the size of the Atlantic ocean itself. I tend to exaggerate though.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from Savanna & Brayden’s engagement session in Lake Charles.

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