Perkins Rowe + Audrey + Mason

Some of the best clients are the ones that book fast without a great deal of information. It’s always funny because you almost get concerned when there isn’t an abundance of questions and an interview process. Wedding photography is basically a job interview, without the cover letter. Mason contacted me about photographing their engagement session, wedding, and Audrey’s bridal session. As an added bonus, we also get to be their wedding videographers. I knew pretty quickly that shooting at Perkins Rowe was going to be the best for these two!

Full of vibrant energy and kind words, Audrey and Mason’s Perkins Rowe engagement didn’t really feel like work at all. I love when my Lake Charles wedding photography clients come to Baton Rogue to mix things up a bit. What better way to stand out from your Lake Charles friends than to go to Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge.

Off To a Great Start, and Then…

We walk down the stairs from the Fresh Market parking lot. Then walk to the colorful wall by the parking garage and Cinemark. Everything’s off to a great start. I coach Mason & Audrey through some basic posing rules and things we’ll keep pretty uniform. Got the photos, great ones at that. Then we move on and work our way all the way near Anthropologie. Thirty minutes later, it happens. I realized that I just left my camera box containing over $8000 worth of equipment near the parking garage. I run back while Mason & Audrey follow closely behind. It was still there, as was the contents of my Pelican case. Well, that was embarrassing.

Wedding Photographers in Baton Rouge

Perkins Rowe is One of My Favorite Places To Shoot engagements

Here me out! I love shooting Baton Rouge engagements at Perkins Rowe, but only for certain types of couples. I feel that it’s very important to get to know your clients style by either meeting with them or feeling it out by their social media accounts. When I have a couple that fits the bill, I love to shoot at Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge. This is usually based on what the couple decides to wear as well. Nothing is worse than photography locations that don’t match the couple’s personality or wardrobe.



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