I met both Megin AND Ricky a long time ago. We were all pretty young at the time but nevertheless, Iâ™ve always seen them around here and there. At one point my wife comes home from nursing school talking about a new friend she made that she thought was the most amazing human ever.

It was Megin!

Megin & Ricky came to Lake Charles for us to photograph their engagements and weâ™ll be photographing the wedding day, as well getting the privilege of being their wedding videographers.

For this Lake Charles session we decided to start at the boardwalk downtown and work our way deeper into downtown for the remainder of their session. This time of session is so much fun when everyone knows each other.

Another funny moment with these two happened several months before they were engaged. I was looking to try out some new photo locations and I offered to take some portraits of them in the process.

Everybody thought it was an engagement announcement. Go figure, right?

These two are some our favorites. Hereâ™s a few of the best goodies from their wedding engagement session.