The quality and the quantity of sketchy people we saw when photographing Kyle & Rosa’s Lake Charles Engagement session was level 100. There’s just something about making a pretty crowded (with absolute crazy people) area look romantic and airy. Mission accomplished! So much fun!

Speaking of level 100. The temperature on this Lake Charles engagement session was that at a minimum. Between humidity and the heat itself, Kyle was about to sweat through his blazer used in the first portion of the session. We constantly had to wipe down with rags to stay alive. But isn’t that pretty much any Louisiana summer?

Lake Charles Engagement, Bridal, & Wedding Session AND Videography.

Kyle & Rosa’s wedding is still a good ways out, but I’m looking forward to the party that is going to be their wedding. You guys were so easy to work with and I can’t wait until the bridal session as well as the wedding day. We’ll be the wedding videographers for their wedding at Magnolia Events as well. Still on the fence about wedding videography? Check out this link to better understand what you are gaining by adding such a valuable investment.

We love getting to be a part of such important days. It’s so cool to watch a couples relationship grow from the time of booking us for engagements down to the moment they say “I Do”.

Calm, Collective, and Fun

Rosa & Kyle are calm, collective, and yet so much fun. These two are one of the friendliest couples around. Rosa wanted to do a shot of her sitting on a tree branch, holding Kyle close. We got lucky and found the perfect tree for such a cool photo! Being able to talk to a couple and laugh while you shoot is always a plus. If you’ve never met each other, it’s a phenomenal way to get the know break the ice! *disclaimer, it was way too hot during this session for ice to even exist, so in all, that’s a terrible metaphor*


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