Jennifer & Davon have been a crazy awesome couple so far. Life doesn’t give someone very many other options when you have a mustache like Davon’s. Davon mentioned during their session that Jennifer didn’t like it at first but when she realized “I either look like my brother or look like I’m 12” without it, she quickly grew fond of it.

Jennifer and Davon met when Davon was her personal trainer, and now their well on the way to a crazy awesome marriage. My team and I have the huge privilege of being their wedding photographers and videographers for the big wedding at Cash & Carry in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Cash & Carry is an awesome venue with a vintage feel, plenty of space, and a great staff.

If you’ve never heard of Cash & Carry and your looking for one of the best wedding venues in town, you’ve got to check them out.

Why should you have wedding videography too?

I believe strongly that your wedding day should be documented beautifully regardless of it’s in Lake Charles, New Orleans, Houston, or Baton Rouge. Wedding Videography is essential to capturing your wedding day in ways that even photography may not be completely able to translate.┬áJust think about it. You get to add things like audio and motion to your beautiful day, what’s not to love about that? Wedding videography is essential to getting the full effect of your investment.

I love that Jennifer & Davon can trust me with these huge life moments. I can’t wait to photograph & and video your beautiful Lake Charles wedding! Viva la Cash & Carry?