Some couples are pretty much rockstars. I got that vibe very quickly with Jennifer & Davon. It could have been Davon’s mustache at the time though. Davon & his bride have been the absolute BEST couple to work with. It’s amazing when a couple lets you be creative and do what you do, in a creative sense. Especially when they’re having a Cash & Carry Farmer’s Market Wedding.

It’s one thing to have a wedding in May, I mean, everyone does it. Jennifer & Davon were a little different though seeing how they not only got married on May the Fourth, but Davon entered the reception with a lightsaber (for all the Star Wars geeks). The groomsmen were a hit to be around. When they arrived at Cash & Carry Farmer Market, we immediately started to joke around and have a little fun. As a wedding photographer, the worst thing in the world is groomsmen that you can’t joke around with. It’s the worst. Luckily, Davon & the guys were hilarious and so much fun.

Jennifer & the girls were equally, if not more, easy going. We got to hang out with them for a larger portion of the day, as you can probably guess. This was made alot easier considering that the Cash & Carry Building (Farmer’s Market) recently added a bridal suite. This made things so much easier since we didn’t have to travel and drive all around Lake Charles.

The cake, of course, came from Pronia’s in Lake Charles. If you’re a local, you understand why this is amazing AND necessary. Life is honestly just too short for bad cake. This cake was a little good actually and I may have eaten too big of a slice. Who am I kidding, that’s really not a bad thing at all. Let’s just say that Jennifer & Davon have great taste in cake.

That Dress Though.

Jenn’s amazing dress came from Mamselle’s in Lake Charles. One of the best dresses we’ve seen yet! Mamselle’s is another GREAT wedding vendor in Lake Charles and you should check them out. Everything from the lace to the length was just right! Jennifer, you made a beautiful bride!

One of my Favorite Venues.

Everything about this historic building is perfect. The wooden wall in the back, the exposed brick, the lighting. It’s just as close to a perfect venue as you could hope for. This venue has a natural vibe that is better than a majority of the venues I’ve seen. The dance floor is big enough for a huge, yet, still intimate enough to not make a smaller crowd comfortable. Depending on the lay out that is. The Historic Cash & Carry Farmer’s Market Building is a beautiful investment that you should consider.

Jenn & Davon had a beautiful Historic Cash & Carry Farmer’s Market Wedding.


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