Have you ever felt like your worlds were colliding? That’s basically how I feel about Haley marrying one of my close friends, Jordan. I’m sure that merits an explanation though. Here’s the deal, I grew up with Haley back in Pineville, Louisiana. Luckily, both of us escaped that place and found Lake Charles. Haley has pretty much always had a thing for Jordan (not sure if she knows it or not!). I’ve known Jordan for years. He’s one of my closest friends and one of the first to call when something is going on. So, I guess you could say that my life back in Pineville and my life in Lake Charles had a head on collision and the result was a marriage? Anyway, I’m not really good with witty metaphors or comparisons.

Believe it or not, we photographed Haley’s awesome bridal session in Lake Charles. (I’m not telling where though!). Haley and I did her bridal photos without telling Jordan, we wanted the maximum amount of surprise that we could possibly get. Though Haley almost spilled the beans (and by that I mean, she actually did but Jordan didn’t catch it) the shoot was a success and he didn’t have a clue. 

Bridal portraits are a crazy cool element to add to your wedding reception and I highly recommend you put that dress on more than once! Plus, isn’t it a good idea to test drive your hair, makeup, and wedding dress? 


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