Haden & Hannah Loyd’s Couples Session.

No idea where to start with these two.  Two of the best people in the world. I consider Haden one of my best friends despite the fact that we never even get to see each other (they live in Jonesboro, Arkansas). I met Haden around 7 or 8 years ago and knew instantly that we were going to get along just great.

Hannah. Arkansas at heart. There’s nothing better than teasing her about the way she talks. Really, I have far too much fun. Let’s face it though, I have a pretty goofy accent myself. I love that these two work together so well. Both are musicians/worship leaders which played a major part into how they met and eventually ended up getting married. 

I loved spending time with these guys this weekend. Here’s a link to one of their YouTube videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIHkBTG7MX4&feature=youtu.be. Check out these guys and subscribe to see more from them. Also, it rocks having a wife that is talented and creative. I can’t tell you which one of us took which photo but, she took a ton of these!