Dylan and Graham were amazing to photograph. These two have the most relaxed personality and are so much fun to work with. My funny first interaction with Dylan was quite a funny moment for me. Dylan messaged me about photographing their wedding day here in Lake Charles and I assumed for the longest time, due to her name, that I was talking to Graham. Much to my embarrassment, I was talking to the bride. She was kind enough to be understanding of my blooper. When on their Lake Charles engagement session, I managed to learn a little bit about how they met and it’s an funny/awesome story that I’m probably capable of butchering, so maybe you should ask them. (Don’t you hate it when someone set’s you up for a good story and leaves you hanging?)

There is nothing like photographing a couple that was absolutely made for each other. They act like the camera isn’t there and better yet, are able to be themselves. 

I can’t wait until Dylan & Graham’s big wedding at the Country Club. It’s going to be AMAZING. Here are a handful of my favorite images from their engagement session.