Gone are the Days of Giant Camcorders

You remember the movies. A couple is getting married, so they paid their newly shared nephew about ten bucks to walk around the room and ask the guests to say a few nice things about you during your wedding day. Later on, they’re able to watch the awkward pauses, really repetitive phrases, and camera shyness. This really is a common misunderstanding though and is nothing like what you actually get with wedding videography in Baton Rouge. So, do you REALLY need Baton Rouge Wedding Videographers?

So Should I Expect With a ZakkShane Videography Package?

I can’t speak for every videographer. However, ZakkShane Photo offers a single package, including all of the content you’ll need. We also include a sixty-second teaser, Usually within 48 hours of the wedding. If you are interested in learning more about our wedding videography package, click here. Don’t forget about the 6-8 minute highlight reel from your wedding day!

Sweeten the Deal with Baton Rouge Wedding Videographers

From there, another part of the package is a full video of your ceremony edit. Including professionally edited and recorded audio of your wedding vows and everything of that nature. However, this top-tier package includes your full first dances and speeches as well. We never shoot without two Baton Rouge Wedding Videographers either. 

If you need more information on videography packages, click here.

That’s Really Awesome, But Do I Need It?

I’m well aware that this blog post is about the importance (or lack thereof?) of actually having a need for a team of videographers. I’m going to vote yes, but it may not be the reason your’e expecting. When my wife and I got married, we learned very quickly that our content from our videographers meant far more to us than our photography did. Mostly for reasons that I won’t talk about on this blog. A year later, we threw the video on our tv and watched the whole wedding through.

Watching Your Memories

My wife cried and I smiled as I ate a ton of popcorn in anticipation for the big kiss and the U2 song we used for our exit. Photography is great, and it’s your most valuable asset as far as capturing your big day is concerned. However, sometimes it’s just great to hear certain peoples voice again. Sometimes it’s great to see the culmination of all your details and expressions on a recap video. You need a Baton Rouge Wedding Videographer. Trust me, you’ll be thankful a year from your Baton Rouge Wedding Day as you literally get to watch it happen all over again. This time you’ll be paying better attention though.

The Life of Baton Rouge Wedding Videographers

Being wedding videographers in Baton Rouge is actually a higher pressure scenario sometimes that being a wedding photographer. For your Baton Rouge wedding, you’ll want to ensure that you get every detail, every speech, every vow, and even those letters to each other. We strive every day to keep bringing better and better wedding videography to our lovely Baton Rouge couples. It’s a fun journey, but is without lack of work ethic.

Rest assured, you’ll spend the day of your Baton Rouge wedding at ease knowing that we’ve got the tasks of being your wedding photographers and videographers under control. Have a drink and a piece of cake, then watch it back a year from now as you’re eating the really gross leftovers that our forefathers decided we should hang on to for later.

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