The Wedding Day Can Be a Little Hectic.

You ran around like a crazy person on your wedding day, Iâ™m sure. All the magic of a wedding day is truly an experience like none other, but the schedule is typically pretty tight. With a schedule of such importance, we often try to work in about 15-20 minutes before the reception to take a few shots of the two of you alone. This doesn’t always get to happen though. Sometimes itâ™s weather, sometimes itâ™s light, maybe even the schedule. This is why we HIGHLY recommend adding a bride & groom photography session to your package.

Picture-Perfect First Wedding Anniversary âœDateâ

My wife and I did our bride & groom photography session around our 1 year anniversary. Wanna talk about how that feels? To see your wife in the white wedding dress again, but not just in pictures, like right there. Itâ™s an amazing feeling, as the groom that is. Itâ™s not just the groom that getâ™s an awesome experience out of it though, what girl doesnâ™t like sneaking back into her wedding dress and dancing around the house to Kenny Loggins music?

Youâ™ll gain a lot more freedom with locations with your bride and groom photography than you had with your wedding day. For example, my wife and I went all the way to south Arkansas for ours.

Guaranteed to Make Mom Cry.

I tend to judge the successfulness of anything related to wedding photography by if your mother would cry upon seeing it. Wanna get mom to shed a few tears? Have her open a large slim-wrap print of her kiddos from their bride and groom wedding photography session.

Haley & Jordanâ™s Bride & Groom Session, A Great Example.

Taken only a few minutes from their home, Jordan & Haley had a beautiful post-wedding, bride and groom photography session. It was so surreal to see the happiness that they had in their eyes from being the wedding attire they wore only six months to the date. These shoots are always easier to photograph because everyone is well beyond comfortable with each other, as well as my posing and âœhow I do thingsâ. The easier the session, the more relaxed you are. The more relaxed you are, the more creative I get to be.