Curled hair?  White Dress?
Sounds Like A Wedding’s Coming.

Alexa. It was an honor to get to photograph your bridals and your wedding. Seriously. I remember you as a little girl and you’re all grown up now. A blog about Alexa wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that as a little girl she was at our house and somehow locked herself into our bathroom in such a way that we ended up having to take the door off of the hinges in order to get her out.

Alexa’s bridals were shot all at her parents home while some of them were shot on the porch of her great grandmothers house. Alexa, made an awesome bride. Patrick, you got a winner! I can’t wait to see what you guys do with your future. Alexa’s wedding dress if from Davids Bridal and her hair was done by Marley Ruoppoli

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  1. I can officially claim Alexa Nicole (Roberts) Murphy as my daughter-in-love! Isn’t she beautiful!

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