Woodlawn & Antioch make for the Best Engagement Sessions

This Baton Rouge engagement session is (insert that goofy fire emoji here, you know which one I’m talking about). I remember talking to Sayuri over a Facebook message while in a Houston Hotel lobby. I instantly knew that I wanted to work with her and Trey. When I finally met Sayuri and Trey in person, I quickly was confirmed of my feeling of really wanting to work with them.

Trey will always keep you laughing. Sayuri has a soft smile and a kind voice. This makes their engagement session that much more intimate. We’d gotten rained out during our previous attempt at getting this engagement session, but when it finally worked out, wow. I was so happy with these images. You’ll see me posting these images for the world to see for quite some time, so hang on.

Baton Rouge Engagement Session, In My House?

Since Sayuri and Trey were pretty close to were I live, I wanted to try out photographing a few images in my living room, while waiting for some harsh light to go away. I was so happy with the results from this. Those are some of my favorite images ever.

During their Baton Rouge engagement session, we shot around the Woodlawn and Antioch areas, causing for some pretty nice results. There’s just something about images created close to home. We did everything from the “woods”, my house, a park, and a parking lot.

Sayuri, you are such an amazing bride so far… I can’t wait until we photograph your bridal session!

Looking for Some Engagement Inspiration?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for our time together, check out my engagements page. You can also check out my Pinterest profile, I try to keep some daily inspiration flowing there for myself, and others.


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