Engagements were great.
The wedding was even better.

Ashley & Russel have been a blast to work with since day 1! I knew from our first meeting that this was going to be one of my favorite weddings, this wedding was at the Heist building in Lake Charles, LA. From the the three distinct levels of the building to the checkerboard floor in the kitchen, Heist has quickly become one of my favorite venues to photograph.

Is Three Wedding Cakes Too Much?
Not at all. Ashley & Russel had a kid cake, a groom cake, and of course a wedding cake. All of which looked and tasted amazing. I mean really, with all the different areas at Heist, wouldn’t it be the be the smartest route? Wedding cake for everyone & every room!

When A Trump “Protester” Is Outside
The wedding day was full of fun but not lacking in stories. For example there was a constant theme of a specific man outside voicing his opinion about Donald Trump in a rather interesting manner (not a wedding guest of course). We were told not to feed him cake?

Taking Family Photos Outside on Ryan Street
What a large family! I’m not sure if I’ve ever photographed a larger family than this on a wedding day. We stepped out onto Ryan street to get the family portraits due the the massive size of this family. On top of being a large family, they were a hilarious family that would keep your attention. I seriously can’t wait to work with them again soon.

Ashley & Russel have been one of the best couples that I’ve had the fun honor of photographing. Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from their wedding at Heist in Lake Charles, LA! I can’t wait to see what life brings you guys, your wedding was amazing!