When Abby told me that she wanted to take her bridal portraits at the Secret Garden in Sulphur (Lake Charles), I was so pumped. Seriously, on top of an amazing venue with a classic vintage look… Abby wore a crazy cool wedding dress. The bridal session is always a really cool experience to me. The bride and their mom have had experiences with the dress already. Everything from picking it out to getting it fitting right. However, this is the first time that the get to see the dress in it’s real context. There’s something that’s just amazing about experiencing this with the bride, her mother, and some of the bridesmaids. I’ve shot bridals all over the Lake Charles area, but the Secret Garden tends to be a staple for our brides. 

Do you have a bridal session coming up? Here are a few pointers from some of our previous sessions:

A Little More Makeup than Normal
I’m a guy so I’m clearly not a makeup expert, however, if you’ll wear a tad bit more makeup on your bridal session it will make editing easier on our part. This is also good because makeup doesn’t show as much as you would assume in photography. We recommend J. See Steals if your here in the Lake Charles area.

Bring a Sheet for the Outdoor Shots
Any Louisiana native understands what I mean here. Lake Charles and other southern parts of Louisiana are bad about having spots in the ground that aren’t quite as dry as the rest of the ground surrounding it. Between that and dirt, a white sheet or something the same color of your wedding dress is vital.

Don’t Forget the Bouquet & Veil
It’s not a common problem, but something worth mentioning. We want to add your flowers & veil to make your session more interesting and to show off more of your awesome accessories for the wedding day. 

Don’t let the excitement turn into stress. If you have fun on your bridal session, you’re photography is going to look amazing. Nothing is more fun than looking a candid shot of a bridal doing a random dance in the middle of her bridal session. 

Slim Wrap Prints for The Reception
We HIGHLY recommend purchasing one of our velvet matte slim wraps for your wedding reception. The days of large canvas prints are dying away and are being replaced with these amazing works of art. We recommend a print at that is 20×30 but no smaller than 16×24.  

Abby, you and Colby have been amazing to work with. I can’t wait for you guys to see your wedding photography and your full wedding videography packages once we’re done editing. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and an awesome life awaiting you guys! 

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