Congratulations! You guys are finally engaged. About time. We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for this moment. The groom is going to look dapper, the bride will be nothing short of beautiful, The flowers will smell, and your mother is going to cry. Despite what a lot of people think, you shouldn’t undergo such an important day alone. We’ve compiled a list of 3 reasons why you need a Baton Rouge wedding planner in your life.

Sure, you have your bridesmaids and your mother, but do you really have a firm grip on the nitty gritty details of what happens during your day of nuptials? Most brides have never had to plan a wedding and with that comes a slight hint of inexperience. Baton Rouge wedding planner is what I like to call “weekend warriors”. They literally plan all year long. Meaning that they attend them nearly 52 weekends or more within the year. They are typically the only vendor you’ll book as early as you book your photographers or videographers. I mean, the day pretty much depends on it. Here are three reasons why you need wedding planning services for your Baton Rouge Wedding day.

baton rouge wedding planners

Experience Like None Other.

A good WP, as we’re going to refer to them from this point on, brings years of experience to the table. Horror stories, things that went right, things that were completely unexpected, and how to handle every one of those situations. With this experience, the also bring a good understanding of the remaining vendors you need for your big day. Everything from a proper DJ to a cake that tastes like it fell directly from the heavens. Experience brings confidence and a confident “WP” is literally worth their weight in gold.

A Firm Schedule

If you know anything about a plan, you know that they can fall apart rather quickly. Having someone who really understands how much time you need for particular events within your big day is important. It takes stress off of your photographers, videographers, DJ, and YOU! This also means the barrage of questions that family members or vendors may have can be redirected towards the wedding planner.

Getting Around The City

Baton Rouge is a large city, so you also need someone who can give you good recommendations of places that are really close to each other. With any back-and-forth with your photographers, videographers, or family members; it’s important to make sure they can get where they need to go in a timely manner. The absolute best part of a firm schedule though is that it will save you money. I’ve seen countless brides book more time with photographers, videographers, and DJs than they need and it hurts the overall wedding budget.

baton rouge wedding planners

Better Photography & Videography

Of all the reasons, of course this happens to be our biggest priority. Every bride wants that magazine worthy wedding day. This is very achievable but a lot more affordable when you have someone who does this professionally. Be careful when going into planning your nuptial celebration without a great planner because… well, it always looks better in your head. A great Baton Rouge wedding planner understands what works well with the photography and videography a lot of times. This causes you to get the absolute best product from us that you can get. All while you’re eating cake and sipping on champagne. Are you convinced that you need a Baton Rouge wedding planner quite yet?

A New Best Friend

Numero three! Seriously though, the wedding planning process is a tedious one. You need that vendor you can call and “let it all out” with. A great WP is always a new best friend to their bride. I’ve seen wedding planners that have literally saved the whole wedding day by using their quick wit, people skills, and creative prowess.

Who We Recommend:

At ZakkShane Photo, we don’t take recommending vendors lightly. Especially in this category of things. So we’ve made this a little easier on you! Now you don’t have to constantly search for “wedding planners near me” or “affordable wedding planning services” in Google for hours on end.

Poppy Lane Events:

From their website: Hey there! I’m so excited that you’re here and taking a peek at Poppy Lane Events, and to learn more about me! I grew up in Mid-Michigan, and came to Louisiana in pursuit of learning the magic of Southern hospitality. I knew that a love for serving couples wasn’t necessarily enough to be successful as a wedding and event planner, and while in college, took advantage of an internship in order to learn more about logistics, coordinating, and taking creative ideas and making them a reality for couples. Years later, taking and expanding upon that knowledge in one hand and passion in the other, I’ve cultivated a business and certainly found my calling in this career.

Allie Sims:

From their website: After years of working in Beverly Hills for A-list party planner Mindy Weiss, Alli Sims returned to her southern roots to launch her new company, Alli Sims Weddings and Events. Alliâ™s wealth of experience in planning high-end celebrity events brings a whole new level of event planning to Louisiana.Throughout her years at Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, Alli used her vision and eye for perfection to create flawless parties or weddings for celebrities like Heidi Klum, Avril Lavigne and athletes Tracy McGrady and Shaq. Alliâ™s sense of style and attention to detail create the perfect finishing touch for every event. From simple affairs to corporate parties to lavish local or destination weddings, Alli turns every event into an unforgettable experience.

It’s Worth It

Yes, there are probably mountains upon mountains of reasons that getting a good âœWP❠is important, but this is just our top three reasons why we think itâ™s paramount. Weâ™ve been in this business for quite a while now and have come to realize that this information is golden to a newly engaged bride-to-be. We hope these âœthree reasons why❠help get you into the right direction. Our team at ZakkShane Photo has your back, fam!

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