Nothing is less flattering than an engagement session that looks like it was taken at Olan Mills or Sears. You know the ones I’m talking about, I’m sure there’s a church or business directory somewhere at your parents house with a few great examples. Awkward and unrealistic, there’s just no meaning or substance to the images. Therefore, you’re now looking back on those images making jokes about your hair or how awkward the session was rather than reminiscing on how obnoxiously in love you were. It sounds cheesy, but making your engagement session a little more intimate will be something you won’t regret. Here’s keys to an intimate engagement session that we find pretty important.

baton rouge wedding engagement photography intimate

Let Your Guard Down

Yep. Guys, I’m talking to you. Stop acting tough, we know you don’t like taking pictures. Heck, I’m actually with you. I HATE being in photos, to the point that it can cause a bit of an argument. Everybody looks better when they’re not uptight. Let your guard down and act like you would at home. It’s ok to seem romantic. After all, you are getting married, right?

intimate lake charles engagement session

Be You and Have a Little Fun.

Dress, act, joke, and above all else smile like you. Your spouse to be is marrying you for you and everyone looks better when they look like themselves. So loosen those shoulders up, hold back on some of the makeup and hair (if that’s not typically you), crack jokes, grab a butt cheek, stop taking the session so seriously and have some fun! A photoshoot doesn’t have to be miserable just because you’re not a big fan of being in front of the camera.

I’ve seen everything from in-home sessions with video games and coffee to sessions abroad. What is your idea of an ideal time with your significant other? Find that one thing and let’s capture it for what it is.

Pretend I Don’t Exist

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m still there to give you cues and break the ice. Beyond that though, by acting as if I’m not in the room, you’re free to be you. So cuddle up and act like you guys are the only two people in the room. Bringing things along like blankets to sit on or wrap yourselves in also add a nice flair and bring good sense of comfort/intimacy.

intimate lake charles engagement session

That’s So Bad, Is It?

When you get your final product delivered from your Baton Rouge Engagement session, you’re going to flip out.


I can promise you that your favorite photos will be the mess ups, the rejects, and the goof offs. Itâ™s going to be a fun time.

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