Senior portraits and scattered rain clouds? Check.

Rosa is always a blast. I’ve photographed her before out and about Lake Charles and it was even more fun this time despite dealing with a barrage of rain coming in and out of our session. Have to confess though, I LOVE shooting around rain. The overcast makes me have to work a little hard creatively, which can get addicting. It’s also great because the amount of even lighting. (I know I sound like I contradict myself, but just go with it, ok?). Despite all of this, living in a constant fear of having the photoshoot rained out really isn’t my favorite condition to work under! Somehow, we survived! Luckily most of my camera gear is water “resistant” or “weatherproof”. Not really sure if I want to find out what that means.

We drove around Lake Charles, battled rain, and saw some randomly drunk people in the middle of the day, but we survived. Lake Charles seems to be a funny place from time to time. You really never know what you’re getting into.  Rosa is a senior at Bell City High School! How cool is her hair though?

Senior photography has been one of my passions from the very beginning and I LOVE working with the awesome group of students I get to work with. Your senior pictures live forever, ya know? Life really is too short for letterman jacket photos and train-tracks. Do you really want those pictures living in your parents house for years to come? I still have photos at my parents house that haunt me to this day.

We took Rosa’s senior portraits in a variety of places. Downtown Lake Charles, behind a friends house, in front of a friends house, a random street in the garden district, and a random field in south Lake Charles. We even hit up a random dark alley (didn’t end up shooting, too weird).

Enjoy of a few of my many favorite photos from Rosa Bojorquez’s senior portraits! Share this article with a senior you know!


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