Well, this one hits close to home.

After what has seemed like a never ending journey of tears, sweat, stress, and the occasional “is this even worth. It’s almost over. This journey has honestly been far more than my wife getting through school.

Let me explain…

Rysa & I got married in 2015. Not too long after she started college. I took a ministry job at a church a few months into our marriage and the moved caused her to have to re-take a good bit of classes due the courses being hospital and school specific. This set her back a bit. She handled it with grace and poise. I’m not quite sure why we went through with the move knowing this.

We moved, we hated it. It was nightmare on our stress levels and our marriage. Now top that off with the ridiculously difficult task of trying to graduate nursing school. After a good bit of this we moved BACK to Lake Charles.

Not really a proud choice, and quite honestly, humiliating to a degree. We realized it was the most logical choice to make though. We’ve been back for around 8 or 9 months now and she’s been driving back and forth to LSUA in Alexandria ever since. After being back for this short amount of time, we’re already in a weird since of transition again and trying to figure some other life choices out. Eliminating the clutter of un-needed stress and toxicity. The longer we do life together the more we realize that there is no such thing as figuring out life. But that’s ok, because life is good regardless.

I’ve been in Orlando, Ohio, Indianapolis, and some pretty random other places in the last three months or so. Rysa hasn’t really complained about it though. Too busy working on finishing a degree, she know’s that Iâ™m working hard to do what I love doing. Have you ever heard of somebody so supportive? Me either.

Another portion of the story that most people don’t know a lot about is that when I proposed, I spent my last couple of bucks on a cheap ring that I couldn’t afford. I had just started learning photography and was still trying to figure out if this was going to be something worth sticking with. I worked odd jobs. I sold phones at AT&T. I even took photos inside of a funeral home. We made it work. Now that there has been time figure things out a little bit more, we’re doing great.

A beautiful and hard working girl deserves more than some cheap ring though. In celebration of all of her hard work, and hosting a graduation party on my birthday, I finally got her a ring that comes closer to what she deserves.

It’s more than a ring though. It’s more of a “Good sweet Lord, we are almost done with the crazy weird mess of a life phase” Thank you so much for cooking and cleaning and second shooting weddings, meanwhile still making time in your day to be a wife to me. There’s no way I could have done the last three years without this woman.

It’s beginning to look a lot like I’m married to a nurse.

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