It has rained for what seems to be fourteen months. Kaley and I were finally able to get our shoot going without fighting massive amounts of jungle rain and other unforeseen events like, power outages, a kidney stone, and tornados a mile from my house.

All of that being said, Kaley’s senior portrait session was a hit. Since I’ve been keeping a rather upside down and crazy schedule lately, we scheduled Kaley’s senior portraits for a good bit earlier than what we would typically do. Kaley was so much fun to work with and I can’t wait to work with her and her family again! You guys are absolutely awesome!

So, what is a senior portrait session with Kaley like? Well, it includes confetti. Like, a lot of confetti. I found confetti in the jacket I wore to her session for a couple days after that. It was worth it!

Here’s a few of my favorite senior portraits of Kaley!

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