This shoot was fun, challenging, unique, and one of my favorites. The challenge here was to shoot 11 girls individually as well as in groups as well as making sure to have a somewhat equal product to give each girl.


In this portion of the day we shot at a marina found at the country club in Lake Charles. Overall, this place is super nice. However with shooting 11 girls there came a few challenges. We shot at 2-3 PM for this portion, so light was on the fritz a bit. The marina helped drastically with lighting and creating shade for great tones and faces. For this portion I only used natural light and a 50mm F/1.2 lens and shot pretty close to wide-open. Each girl had three poses/spots. (aiming to come close to the same results for each girl)


This is where we got the group shots as well as some of my favorite individual shots. With very little cloud coverage or shade in general… we had a few issues on light at first, but found a nice tree to cover and I broke out the Alien Bee Strobe on a battery pack w/shoot-through umbrella. I couldn’t be happier with the look that this achieved. Still used the 50mm lens but shot around F9 or F10 most of this section. The hats had to be positioned just right for this to work.