Yes, I DO Photograph Graduation Portraits.

People assume that if you are a senior portrait photographer or a wedding photographer, that you don’t photograph Graduation Portraits in Lake Charles. Wrong! I LOVE photographing college seniors. I can relate to their life. My wife recently graduated from nursing school and I get how big of an accomplishment that this is for you. Congrats!


I heard “Carl!” screamed throughout this shoot. From start to finish. Carly is a good friend of my Wife and I and was actually in our wedding and she’s graduating from McNeese State University in Lake Charles as an education major. Carly has been there since the beginning of my wife and I’s relationship (well, way longer than that actually). It was awesome getting to photograph Carly’s graduation/senior portraits. These awesome senior photos came out great and it was super hard trying to decide which ones to choose from. It’s also worth noting that Carly chose the perfect clothing for her session. The blue dress really came out great in her photos. Along with this it really compliments her hair and eyes. Even better, McNeese colors!

College Graduation Portraits in Lake Charles

We drove all around downtown Lake Charles on Easter Sunday (after grabbing a quick nap from all of the Easter festivities from earlier in the day) and had a blast taking these senior photos. As the guy that’s married to the friend of the client… I experienced a ton of inside jokes that I still don’t quite understand. I will be loving these graduation portraits for years to come. There’s just something about knowing somebodies journey. What it took to get them to where they are now is usually nothing short of hard work and determination. My wife and I are ridiculously proud of Carly!

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite photos from Carly’s senior session in downtown Lake Charles. Congrats Carly, graduation is near!

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