Walnut Grove is a beautiful new development in the Lake Charles area. It was beyond fitting to use this location for Tyler, Lauren, and Nixon Bushnell’s family session! I’ve known Tyler and Lauren for what seems like forever now. When I moved to Lake Charles in 2011 Tyler was one of the first people I got to know. I knew Lauren a good deal before that when I lived in Alexandria. Seeing them married with a child is a sure fire way to make me feel old as dirt. 

It was fun getting to photograph this cool little family at Walnut Grove in Lake Charles. Nixon couldn’t really decide if he was into the whole thing but we managed to grab some awesome shots of him getting spun, twirled, and swung all over Walnut Grove. I also learned in this process that Nixon is very much so obsessed with his penguin toy. Let’s try not to loose that! 

It’s always a blast getting to photograph friends. Yall are the best!


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