Lake Charles Engagement Sessions Never Looked So Good

Those Lake Charles Engagement sessions are my favorites. Lake Charles is our primary place of business, and couples are so much fun to photograph. They are truly carefree and fun! I highly recommend to all my clients to wear COLOR! It pops in photographs and really adds to the imagery! But generally my motto is “light & bright” for wardrobe. However, if you like dark colors, I’m 100% a fan of that.


A Few Tips For Your Portraits

I encourage ladies to get their hair and make-up done. And don’t be shy
about heavier make-up as photo’s tend to drown people’s faces out! I love
it when guys wear fun details like suspenders and bow-ties or even a fresh

Every little thing you do when it comes to styling for this Lake Charles engagement session counts! You are free to bring more than one outfit to a session, but please make sure that if you do bring multiple outfits that each party that is being photographed also has multiple outfits!


Up to Two Outfits

Why settle for casual OR dressy when you can have both. You’re more than welcome to choose to have only one outfit. Having two outfits seems to be the magic number. This allows for diversity while ensuring we can still spend as much time as we need to get those awesome images of you and your life-bae-to-be.




Engagements Should Reflect YOU


We don’t typically allow for props, this is so that we can focus on YOU rather than the props. However, we do want your locations and poses to reflect your personality. We’ve done engagements in Football Stadiums, Rum Distilleries, the woods, the city, Magazine St, The French Quarter, Avery Island, and the list goes on. If you choose to stay in the city with your session, your locations will still be chosen in a way that reflects YOU. That being said, I do ensure that the locations are as unrecognizable as possible. This is so you don’t end up with cliche’ photos that everyone else has.