The Zoom h4n Pro is a Videography Essential

I have a reputation of being slightly behind the curve at times. Being a musician, I’ve always used audio interfaces to record off-camera audio and had no problems with it. I recently realized that all of my favorite videographers or vloggers all used a ZOOM H4N PRO¬†with a mic (or two) plugged directly in to it. What?! Why is that so simple. I honestly think I dismissed this as a quality option because of how easy it seemed. I purchased one and when it came in, I was amazed at how simple it made my life. I recently used to to record several of our videos here on the site as well as record my in-ear-monitor mix during service. I even recorded audio for a wedding on it.

Finally, Easy Phantom Power

My favorite feature is the phantom power option. It really doesn’t take much to amuse me sometimes. My DSLR obviously doesn’t support phantom power from the jack, so I needed a remedy for on-the-go. I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. The audio quality is top-notch. The interface is stupidly easy. The file management is explanatory (really neat feature of being able to see the file name as it records for quick access later). Bonus, it also has an internal microphone!

The ONLY thing that threw me for a loop is the arm/record portion. I hit record once thinking I was recording and much to my dismay, hitting the record button once means arm, twice for record. No big deal though, user error. Just make sure that you always check this before starting, and you’re good to go.

If you are doing ANY work with audio or video or just want to record your in-ear-monitor mix for a chance to self-critic, get this NOW. Give up your Starbucks addiction. You won’t regret it.

The Zoom h4n Pro is priced right at $200 on Amazon. Boom!


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