I’ve always loved a good “What’s in My Camera Bag in 2019” video or blog post. I’m a bit of a gear head so it really does get difficult to choose the gear that I will take with me on a photo shoot. This creates a little bit of a chaotic moment for me, because honestly, I want to bring it all. I’ve decided to make blog showing you guys what’s in my camera bag, or in my case, box.

This Isn’t Everything

I don’t keep everything in this case, sometimes I’ll have a couple light stands and MagMod MagBoxes with me and accessories for those. It’s also worth noting that this is the gear that typically travels with me no matter the session. For weddings I keep another box or bag with me that typically has some non-photography related items that assist me through the day. In the non-photography related bag, I’ll usually throw my Sony A7Rii and a few lenses in there as a backup camera situation. 

This Isn’t The Video Gear

Being a wedding photographer that doubles as a wedding videographer in Lake Charles & Baton Rouge Louisiana, I don’t carry my video equipment with me everywhere. On video days, everything changes. It’s just too much gear to keep on me at all times. Maybe I’ll do a post on that later?

Now, Let’s Talk About It: What’s in My Camera Bag in 2019 (well, box)

camera box - SKB i7

SKB Cases iSeries 31i-2011-7 case

Funny story, I actually bought this box because my Pelican 1510 had some bad dividers that were getting worn out. The only problem is that it’s near impossible to find dividers that aren’t bright yellow now. So, though the SKB Cases iSeries 31i-2011-7 case is a little less heavy-duty, I like it a lot. I actually took my lid divider for the Pelican 1510 and replaced the Think Tank Laptop Divider that came with the case. That divider just never really worked out for me. You can’t talk about what’s in. my camera by in 2019 without discussing the carrier of all things, right?

The Camera Body: EOS R + Battery Grip

I’ve written up a full review on my experience with this camera. To summarize that, it’s a lot like the 5Div, but mirrorless. The battery grip is essential since this camera eats batteries like gummy bears. Another added perk is the charging cable that comes with the battery grip. This allows you to just plug the camera in when you get home. Never having to take batteries out of the camera. The EOS R is a champ!

What's In My Camera Bag in 2019? - EOS R

Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 II 

I’ve been the biggest talker when it comes to saying this lens overrated. Then one day on a whim, I purchased it. I fell in love with this lens instantly. I prefer to not take this off of my camera if I don’t have to. It’s as close to the perfect lens as a lens can get. The 24-70mm Lens is weapon of choice in 85% of situations.

24-70mm lens - camera box - SKB i7 - What's In My Camera Bag in 2019?

Canon 50mm F/1.2

I hate to love this lens. It’s ability to stop down to F1.2 or basically anything lower than F2.8 is great. However, it’s old and Canon hasn’t updated the lens in years on end. So, it’s really not the sharpest lens. This lens IS overrated. Though essential to my day, I’m strongly considering switching to a different 50mm prime lens. 

Canon 50mm 1.2L - 24-70mm lens - camera box - SKB i7 - What's In My Camera Bag in 2019?

Canon 85mm F/1.8

If the above mentioned lens is OVERRATED, this one isn’t given enough credit. I’ve sold it before, not quite sure why though. This lens has been through it all. I’ve photographed former President, Bill Clinton with this lens, right before dropping it in the parking lot and it rolling past a secret service agents foot. That’s a different story for a different day, the moral of the story is that you should probably bring a camera bag with you in such a situation. Don’t carry your lenses by hand. Canon repaired the lens and actually made it better than it was new. Every photographer should own one of these.

Canon 85mm 1.8 - Canon 50mm 1.2L - 24-70mm lens - camera box - SKB i7 - What's In My Camera Bag in 2019?

Sigma 35 Art F/1.4

This lens is a buttery gift from the camera gods. It’s fast, sharp, and virtually silent. The only complaint I have is the build quality. Mine is beat to complete crap, but still does the trick with ease. Unlike the previous mentioned lens, I haven’t dropped this one on concrete yet.

what's in my camera bag 2019

Canon 70-200mm F/2.8

Another favorite that I don’t use enough. I keep this in my bag primarily for those moments that I need to shoot a wedding that doesn’t allow me to get closer to the bride and groom. I also love using this lens for headshots. I have the first version of this lens. I bought it on a whim (as usual) and got a killer deal on it. In mint condition too! It’s good enough for me once you look at the price of the newer ones. 

what's in my camera bag 2019

Canon 100mm Macro F/2.8

This lens is a killer lens for getting those ring shots on a wedding day. Honestly though, I use it more as a portrait lens than a macro lens. The compression you get when using this lens for portraits is incredible. The focusing is a little slow, but that’s most macro lenses for you. The Canon 100mm Macro F/2.8 is a lens everyone should own, even if it stays in the bottom of the camera bag. It’s great in those really weird moments. 

what's in my camera bag 2019

Canon 50mm Macro F/2.5

Canon doesn’t actually make this lens anymore. I can’t quite understand why. This is the sharpest macro lens I’ve ever use. You can usually find them on Amazon for around $250, which is significantly cheaper than the 100mm macro. The best part? It’s sharper. I love this lens, even though it’s the loudest lens I’ve ever seen. I’ve also sold this lens, regretted it, and bought it again.

what's in my camera bag 2019

Canon 600EX RT-II

I actually keep two of these with me at most times. I just try to keep one in my box and the other pre-mounted to a stand. The reason for this is that sometimes my stands are in a different room, and I like having access to my flash for tough situations. I don’t just use it for tough situations though. Since it’s in my box at most times, I can usually get creative with the MagGels, MagSnoot, or MagGrids that are also in this box. They’re not fancy, but the Canon 600EX RT-II is a workhorse, with built in triggering as well. 

what's in my camera bag 2019

Canon ST-E3 Speedlight Transmitter

Since the 600EX units have built in receivers, I can use the Canon ST-E3 on my camera to trigger the lights off-camera. Somehow this little fella didn’t make the group photo. I highly recommend Canon users to purchase one of these. 

what's in my camera bag 2019

Pelican SD Card Case

This has been a life-saver. I’m not that person that has figured out a life-hack system for SD cards. I’ve tried other things, and won’t do that again. This is the way to go. They also make a similar case for CF cards. Hoorah! Buy a Pelican SD Card Case NOW! 

what's in my camera bag 2019
What's in my camera bag 2019

MagMod MagSphere

I’m going to write a separate blog on the MagMod gear later. There’s just too much going on with their incredible products for me to cover it in this post. Long story short, this attaches to my flash with magnets. (If you look at the photo of my EX600 RT-II, you’ll notice the area around the actual bulb looks funny. That’s called a MagGrip. The MagGrip allows me to attach these amazing MagMod accessories to my flash in a jiffy. This particular item, the MagSphere that is, allows me to diffuse light in tough situations. It some cases, you can even do the age-old sin of point the flash directly at the subject and still achieve great results. Think of this as a mini-umbrella. 

MagSphere- What's in my camera bag in 2019?

MagMod MagGels & Wallet

The MagMod MagGels and the MagWallet are essential for my current work. I have a ton of gels that will allow me to change the color of my flash. Some of these are used for corrective purposes, other’s for creative. All of which attach with the MagGrip that lives on my flash. 

Mag Gel Holder + CTO Gel + MagWallet - What's In My Camera Bag in 2019

MagMod MagSnoot

The MagSnoot is new for me. I’m still trying to figure out if it will stay in my camera bag (box) or not. Basically, this allows for pinpoint styled light, isolating a very small portion of the image. It’s a very unique piece that takes some time to really understand. 

MagSnoot- What's in my camera bag in 2019?
MagMod MagGrid - What's In My Camera Bag in 2019?

MagMod MagGrid

I keep two of these MagGrids in my box at all times. They really help me close off light that I don’t want or feather it to make it a bit more flatter. So say farewell to unwanted light spills from your flashes. 

What's in my camera bag 2019?

What’s in my camera bag in 2019? String Light.

I got this a Tuesday Morning in Baton Rouge for about $6. It’s been perfect for adding a little bit of bokeh to otherwise boring images. Example below. Check out this similar light here.


LowePro Tahoe CS-20

The LowePro Tahoe CS-20 is just a little small bag by LowePro to keep my batteries for speed lights and my EOS-R in. Nothing is worse than having batteries all over the place. Very affordable too.


Canon Charger

You know, just in case. A Canon camera charger is essential in case of an emergency or something of that nature. Luckily, I’ve only had to break this out during a session once, and that was just for a backup. 


What’s In my camera bag in 2019? A Ton of Gear.

In conclusion of this: What’s In My Camera Bag? blog, I feel obliged to say that you don’t need all of this gear to create good photography. I simply like options. What’s in your camera bag? I’d love to see what other photographers are carrying around for their sessions. 


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