SleekLens Forever Thine Workflow

The folks at SleekLens are in the business of creating workflow systems for busy photographers like myself that want to try to save a few steps in their editing process. SleekLens reached out to me through our wedding blog to see if I was interested in giving their “Forever Thine: Wedding Photography Workflow” preset system a test drive and wanted to know my thoughts.

Let’s start with the my favorite features:


When I saw that they were selling this preset system for $31.00, I instantly expected these to be garbage. Most of the presets I’ve purchased were well over $100 and only included 4-5 presets. I was wrong though, $31 for the massive amount of presets that they offer is a STEAL. The great part is that you don’t have to get a gross feeling in your gut when you purchase them for this price. I’ve purchased presets in the higher range before and HATED them. These were great, especially for the price.

Ease of Use:

I’m a little weird about presets to some degree. I don’t like using more than one preset per wedding or set of images. I like for the images to have a natural flow for the sake of constancy. With that being said, I stuck to using the “Best Man” preset in their all-in-one section of the workflow. It worked very smoothly with only minor changes on my end after the preset was applied.


So many options. More than I can ever use.

My Thoughts

Here are a few images that I’ve edited from a recent wedding with the Best Man preset. It’s gives a great natural look to your images without having to change everything the preset originally added. Preset users know what I’m talking about here. The presets don’t really match my current style of editing, so I can’t really switch my system of editing right now, but they are a phenomenal tool to have and I DO recommend you try them out.

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