I’ve been a fan of GoPro for quite sometime now. They are constantly growing their products and pushing for new limits with photography and videography. I love to use these in church services over drum kits, keyboards, the headstock of a guitar, etc. You can even do a time-lapse of the seats filling up before service. So I purchased the brand-new GoPro Hero 6 Black.

Priced a little over $500 after tax, I was anticipating great things. Until I started using it. I’m pretty forgiving from the back of the unit and from the iPhone app but when I dumped the footage I felt stupid. Thinking I did something wrong, I started researching only to find that I wasn’t the only one with these issues. (it’s worth noting that they’ve actually dropped $100 in price at the time of this article being written.

Wonky Voice Control

Wonky is a fun word. Now, obviously, I don’t use voice control often but I have found it to be handy during when recording myself. That being said, it doesn’t always work. Pair that with the phrasing you have to use in order to operate the unit and you will be driven to just turning voice command off.

Rather than GoPro Power On, it’s GoPro TURN on. A little over the top with how much this bothers me, but it’s more of an OCD issue. Overall, the voice control needs work.

GoPro Hero 6 is a Low-Light Nightmare

This unit is EXTREMELY disappointing in low-light. I’ll be doing a review/comparison soon about the GoPro Hero 5 vs GoPro Hero 6 in low-light. The Hero 5 apparently is a massive improvement despite being the older of the two. Low light is a much needed feature for someone working in church or indoor applications so this is a bummer. GoPro claims to have fixed this in a firmware update from November 2017 but alas, no luck. Low-light on the Hero 6 Black still looks terrible.

Application Monitor Drops

If you’re dealing with an un-manned GoPro, chances are you are relying on the iPhone monitor to at least be able to see what’s going on. I’m not sure if every unit is like this but my monitor goes away frequently with no rhyme or reason.

What I DO Like About The Hero 6 Black

  • The fact that they thought about voice control is amazing, it’s just not quite there yet.
  • The USB-C connection makes things easier for a guy that doesn’t have any “normal” USB ports on his computer
  • In-camera stabilization is decent
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Built-in waterproofing (about time!)
  • Time lapse feature is super easy to use
  • 120FPS is GREAT for BROLL (we’re are back to a quality issue though at this point)
  • Shoots RAW photos & 4k video
  • Dark color makes it easy to hide

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, it’s decent but nothing to break the bank over. It does the job in good lighting but I’d be weary to expect anything more. If you’re looking for best bang for the buck, get the Hero 5. It IS possible to use thing and get some killer shots but with that being said, don’t upgrade yet if you’re considering going this route. I can live without voice control but low-light and the need to monitor from a good deal away isn’t going away anytime soon. Hopefully GoPro will resolve this soon.

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