Ever wonder if fixing shaky footage in premiere is even an option? If you’ve shot video for any length of time you’ve ended up with footage that looks like it was held by dog that just overdosed on a Starbucks Americano prior to picking up the camera.

Shaky camera footage is nuisance at best and sometimes despite having fancy stabilization on or off camera, your footage still has the shakes. Just take a breath because this can be fixed with ease. Just note that I do always recommend you do everything within your power to fix this in camera.

Let me introduce you to Warp Stabilizer. Warp Stabilizer is available in not only Adobe Premiere but Adobe After Effects as well. This works beautifully if used sparingly and properly.

Fixing Your Shaky Footage

Step 1: Select the clip & drag warp stabilizer from the effects tab onto the desired clip.

Fixing Shaky Footage in Premiere

Step 2: Change Smoothness to anywhere from 5-10%.

Fixing Shaky Footage in Premiere

Step 3: Select analyze and wait patiently.

Pro Tips for using Warp Stabilizer when fixing your shaky footage in Premiere or After Effects

1: Use it as a last resort. Not a stable.

2: Re-watch your footage VERY CAREFULLY. Warp Stabilizer can make your footage very much like freshly made jello at your grandmothers house. Though I have a weird love for Jello, this is not a good thing in video land.

3: Pre-Render your clips to make your footage easier to watch in real time by taking some wear off of your computer.

Feel Better Now?

Fixing shaky footage in Premiere is usually an option, as long as you took precautions when shooting the video. If you follow these steps you should be able to fix minor (and sometimes major) stabilization issues, making your footage useable again.

Just remember that over-using this effect will cause your clips to have a trippy jello effect that is never to be desired. Another side effect of this effect would be CPU overload. Just be careful and only use it when you need it.

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