Let’s just be honest. Nobody likes to do the same redundant tasks in Photoshop, or any applications for that matter. Photoshop can easily be time hog for creative people working on graphics or photography and that’s not really a great thing. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to save a ton of time by creating your own photoshop actions.

Step 1: Make Sure the Actions Panel is Being Shown. It may sound silly but you’ll need to actually be able to see the panel in order to use it properly. Just click WINDOW —- ACTIONS to open it up.

Step 2: Make Sure “Button Mode” Isn’t On.
For this you’ll want to click the three little horizontal lines in the corner of your actions menu to ensure that Button Mode isn’t on. This will allow you to create and manage actions and their groupings.

Step 3: Select the “Create New Action” Button
It’s the little icon at the bottom of the panel that looks like a sticky note. From Here you will be able to name it, color code it, and assign a shortcut key.

Step 4: Let’s Go!
This is the part where you do that redundant task that you’ve been driven crazy over lately. When you’re done, just click the STOP ICON in the bottom left of the panel.

Step 5: Switch to Button Mode and ENJOY!
Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by simply clicking on your newly formed action. With all of this extra time you can finally read more of these articles. See, creating your own photoshop actions is easier than you thing.

You’re Going To Save So Much Time

Seriously, this is going to save you so much time when working in Photoshop. Creating your own photoshop actions is a sure fire way to speed those redundant tasks that drive you crazy.

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