Lens Filters Aren’t Just Used For Creative Effect

Have you ever found yourself scrolling down Amazon, shopping for the perfect lens for your needs and budget? Sure you have. At some point you’ve probably seen lens filters and wondered to yourself, “why are these so expensive?”. The bottom line is, a lens filter could save your gear. Zakk, you’re being over dramatic. Nope, It happened last week.

My Lens Filter Story

Last week in Joshua Tree National Park, I was hiking up a trail and found myself struggling to keep up. At this point, I tripped and fell on a stone step. That’s when my 24-70mm F/2.8 hit that same stone step. I looked down and immediately freaked out internally. Then I realized that the my F-Pro UV B+W Filter saved my $1600 lens. I’d much rather spend $100 on a new UV filter than $1600 to replace a lens.


Won’t a Cheap Filter Do The Trick?

Essentially, yes. However, would you really want to put an expensive piece of glass in front of a cheap piece of glass? Think about it. You’re going to end up more prone to soft images and sun flares. Sure, a lens filter can save your gear, but let’s be smart about it and get a good one.

Here’s the UV Filter I recommend, above all others: https://amzn.to/2BB95bG

I’m an Amazon affiliate, so I’d greatly appreciate if you used the link above to purchase a filter, it really helps keep content like this coming.


A Lens Filter Could Save Your Gear. One Day…

Buying a UV filter is one of those purchases that seem to equate to that of repairing a dishwasher or buying tires. I’ve NEVER dropped a lens and broke it before. I was more than thankful for the filter the day that it saved my lens in Joshua Tree. As an added bonus, they’ll keep dust and scratches off the glass.

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