I get asked all the time about what gear I would recommend for someone just getting started with making church video promotions, more specifically, video announcements. Most of the people that contact me are on a shoe string budget and rightfully so. Consider the fact that spending $20,000 on gear just doesn’t make sense when none of your staff has used the equipment before and have no working knowledge of such magnificent & beastly gear. I’ve compiled a list of 13 budget friendly items for church video announcements.

Great Gear With Room To Grow

In order to get started and still have a ton of room to grow, I’ve created this list of equipment that will help you kick start your video production without breaking the bank! The best part is that this gear isn’t just beginner rated equipment. I’ve made sure that this church video announcement equipment list is something someone at any skill level can continually grow with. Before we get into the gear guide, there is a few things that you need to understand. First and foremost is that camera settings matter.

Vital Pre-Requisites

If you are going to be making church video announcements, you need to first understand frame rates and lighting. Lucky for you, we’ve created a guide to understanding frame rates and it’s relationship to shutter speed. Secondly, you need to understand that though $2000 is alot of money, it’s lightyears away from what you will spend buying the wrong gear repeatedly. Sure, that $450 camera looks great in theory, but you just really have to trust our experiences. Lastly, before we get into our under $2000 dreamboat. I’ve intentionally placed a black background only in the list. This is so that you can get a grasp of lighting a single person before you get into having to light a backdrop. Having to light a background, if done correctly, will add to the cost of this. Black is simple and always easy!

The Camera Gear


Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body – $999

This is a great HD DSLR camera with a ton of video features. My reasons for placing this in the line up is because of it’s flip out screen and the great quality vs price! These cameras are an affordable champion! In order to save money AND gain quality, DO NOT BUY THE KIT LENS. Only purchase the camera body, we’ll talk about lenses next. 


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens – $150

This lens is what they like to call the “nifty fifty”. This is the ONE area that we’re gong to skimp on just a tad. Until you really start to understand church video announcements, this lens will pretty much always do the job you need. It stops down to 1.8, which is really cool for when you want to use this outside of your designated video space. The difference between this and the “kit lens” with the Canon 80D is the f-stop. Just know that this lens is better for what you need. I won’t get into a ton of detail here. You’ll even save some money by going this route.  


Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod – $39.99

Honestly, any tripod will do for this setup, just make sure that you take care of it. Lightweight and cheap tripods tend to break easier than more expensive ones. Chances are you may already have one of these. If so, congrats on saving some money! Just remember to always take the camera off of the tripod when done shooting to avoid any potential mishaps. 


SanDisk 32GB Ultra SD (Class 10) – $26

Actually, the link I’m posting sells them for around $13. However, you’ll need two cards for this setup to work properly. More on that in a moment. Any Class 10 SD card should do the trick though.

Let’s Not Neglect Audio


Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder – $200

Everybody needs one of these. This is a piece of equipment that you will find yourself using no matter what equipment you purchase in the future. Audio is no area to save money in. See our full review on this magical piece of buttery smoothness here: Zoom H4N Pro Review. This is the device that you will record your off-camera audio to. Hence the second SD Card.


Audix F9 Condenser Microphone. – $129

I purchased this mic for recording drums and use it 1000x more for videos that I do anything now. It’s cheap, sounds great and will work perfectly with your Zoom recorder. Best part about it is the weight and size. So cute and tiny. Can I say cute? Let’s just ignore that I said that. 


Mic Cable – $10

Well, you did you know that you have to plug it in, right?


Boom Mic Stand – $29

Let’s be real, you probably have a few of these already. Just make sure whichever one you use is large and sturdy enough to get super close to the subjects face without appearing on camera. Easy!

Lighting & Ascetics


EMart 10ft Backdrop Stand – $32

Let’s be real. This is super cheap. It’s not the most durable backdrop stand in the world but it will do. You can always upgrade this later. This won’t affect your video so we went for mega cheap. 


Savage Seamless Black Background Paper – $41

Seamless paper is the king of the background world as far as flexibility goes. Just remember to take proper care of it. Use the clamps from your backdrop stand to, (instead of clamping to the pole, clamping the unrolled portion of your backdrop paper to itself to avoid it rapidly falling down and potentially getting messed up. Bonus tip: purchase some good clamps from Lowes or Home depot and you’ll save your sanity. I personally have about six of these clamps.

Whatever you do, don’t order muslin material though. It wrinkles and it’s so difficult to manage. You’ll spend more time steaming that shooting. We didn’t put a green screen or white because of the technical curve we mentioned in the beginning of this article. 


Aputure Amaran HR672S – $160

Again, there a few items that just aren’t worth compromising on. Lighting is one of them. This light is a beautiful beast. It comes with a remote and the clamp for your octobox and stand. See my full review for this light here.


Neewer Light Stand – $17

I’m really hesitant about recommending these, but if the budget doesn’t allow for over $2000, go for this stand. If you can swing a little more, check out the Cheetahstand. Read our full review here.


Neewer 47″ Octobox – $36

The final piece of our affordable setup is this octobox for modifying your light. This will soften your light to ensure a smoother look. I personally use this box all of the time. It’s a good one! 

So there you go. Here is an affordable setup for starting to record your very own church announcement videos. You can go even further under the $2000 budget that we set if you have things like XLR cables and SD cards already. We’d love to see your final product!

13 Budget Friendly Items You’ll Need For Church Video Announcements, All Under $2000. 

These 13 budget friendly items you’ll need for church video announcements can all be purchased for under $2000 at this time. This isn’t an end-all for videography in your church, but it will defiantly propel you into the right direction as well as take your production value up several notches.

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