It’s Perfectly Ok to Have Questions

In order to answer questions that I get on a regular basis, I‘ve decided to place this section on my site to help you with existing questions as well as answer a few you may have not known you were curious about. I’m 100% for communication. I think that’s pretty important.

1: Who is Responsible For Choosing The Location?

The short answer is we both are! Unless you request a specific area (which I’m totally down for), I typically choose the location. Often times I’ll even just drive around town and get the best out of spontaneous locations. That kinda stuff is a recipe for great images.

2: I’m Like, REAL Awkward. Will You Pose Us?

That‘s what I’m here for. The technical side of photography is settings and lighting, the creative side is YOU. I’ll take plenty of time to make you laugh, smile, and pose. The best part is that you may feel like a complete doofus, but you’re going to look AMAZING. I promise.

3: What Equipment Do You Use?

That’s a long list, and quite honestly, it depends on the job. Sometimes I’ll take a smaller kit. Some days I’ll whip out the big guns. Either way, rest assured that I‘ll pick the best equipment for your session, since every piece of gear serves an individual purpose. My ever-growing list of photography and videography gear can be found here: What’s In My Camera Bag | 2019

4: Can We Pick The Music For Our Wedding Video

That’s a super tricky one actually. We’re totally open to suggestions. However, for copyright reasons and the sake of you getting to share your big film on places like Facebook and YouTube, we carefully pick out the songs and edit the clips to the beat of the music. Creatively, we also reserve the right to choose the song based on the direction we’re trying to take with the film. WE LICENSE ALL OF OUR MUSIC WITH MUSICBED IN ORDER TO KEEP THINGS LEGAL.

5: Do You Fly Drones?

Yes and amen.
(if weather permits)

6: Can We Bring Props?

Most times, we actually ask that you don’t bring props. We want these images to be all about you. We feel like props drain time from our time together and we want to ensure that you get the absolute best product ever.

7: How Far Will You Travel?

To the ends of the earth and back (well, hopefully there‘s a return trip) But really, I absolutely LOVE to travel across the country and even outside the US. Additional fees are required, but we can work that out together to make sure we’re all on the same page. As the business owner I do have to be cautious of taking care of my self as well as my employees that may be required to travel for your session or wedding. We‘re getting pretty good at keeping weight down for our checked luggage though. There’s a bit of an art to that.