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Learn Photography Fast with the Photography 101 Workshop

So, you’ve just bought a camera and have no idea how to use it. Other than those dreaded automatic modes. Luckily for you, I’ve put together an online course to help you learn photography quick. I’ve put together a video workshop containing the essentials of everything I’ve practiced and learned over the last five years or more.

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How to Quickly Rename Files

We've taken a ton of photos or video clips. We've finished a large project with multiple output files. We're renaming a large amount of files for the purpose of SEO. Click, rename, click, repeat. What if I told you that you can save a massive amount of time without sacrificing an organization system worthy of being the next Dewy Decimal System?

speed up premiere exports

Speed Up Premiere Exports!

Who says that you have to have an export that lasts six hours over a video that is only 4 minutes to begin with? Exporting has always been my BIGGEST frustration when working with video. It's really hard to meet deadlines when you're fighting Premiere…

How to photograph a worship service

How to Photograph a Worship Service

We often fall into situations that call for us to photograph a worship service whether it's for archival purposes or promotional reasons. However, even if you're a more experienced shooter, you'll learn very quickly that the modern church.

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Faster Premiere Workflow

Video editing is often over-looked as if it doesn’t merit a good color grade or some sharpening and noise reduction in post. Video is how the world is communicating with each other right now and we need to stay on top of this as well.

creating photoshop actions presets

Creating Your Own Photoshop Actions

Let's just be honest. Nobody likes to do the same redundant tasks in Photoshop, or any applications for that matter. Photoshop can easily be time hog for creative people working on graphics or photography and that's not really a great thing. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to save a ton of time with actions!

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Understanding Frame Rates

Most of us understand that the exposure triangle in photography allows us to crank our shutter speed up when we’re a little over exposed but this isn’t the case in videography. Doing so will create a weird jittery image that isn’t really usable. With shutter speed the best rule of thumb is to double…

Fixing Shaky Footage

Fixing Shaky Footage in Premiere

If you’ve shot video for any length of time you’ve ended up with footage that looks like it was held by dog that just overdosed on a Starbucks Americano prior to picking up the camera. Shaky camera footage is nuisance at best and sometimes despite having fancy stabilization on or off camera…