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Bayou Rum Wedding Venue

Bayou Rum Wedding Venue

Bayou Rum Distillery in Lacassine, LA (Near Lake Charles), has recently opened a new wedding venue and I couldn't be more excited. Bayou Rum Wedding Venue..
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Linda & Michael’s Lake Charles Engagement Session

I was doing a couples session giveawayand Linda was our winner. I had never met Linda prior to our time together but wow! She and Michael were so so much fun. Seriously though. These two were the most laid back couple ever. There clothing was on point as well. 

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Layni Allemond | Lake Charles Bridal Session

As a creative individual, it's often hard to recreate a moment of inspiration at a later point, so when a client allows you to do exactly what your feeling, it's the perfect chemistry. This bridal photography session is no exception. Layni drove all the way from Kinder to Lake Charles…

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Bride & Groom Session | Lake Charles Weddings

I tend to judge the successfulness of anything related to wedding photography by if your mother would cry upon seeing it. Wanna get mom to shed a few tears? Have her open a large slim-wrap print of her kiddos from their bride and groom wedding photography session.

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Megin + Ricky | Lake Charles Wedding Engagement Photography

Megin & Ricky came to Lake Charles for us to photograph their engagements and we’ll be photographing the wedding day, as well getting the privilege of being their wedding videographers. Another funny moment with these two happened several months before they were engaged.

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Zach + Emily | Lake Charles Wedding Engagement Photography

Zach & Emily are a perfect couple. These two had a very unique session downtown Lake Charles. It’s going to be great getting the privilege of being Zach and Emily’s wedding photographer. Emily & Zach’s wedding is at Magnolia Mulvaney’s off of Enterprise in Lake Charles. If their engagement session was any sign of how the wedding is going to be, I’m beyond excited!

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Sam + Beth | Lake Charles Engagement Session

Ah. Sam and Beth. Sam is the kind of friend that everyone needs. Beyond loyal and probably the hardest working guy I’ve ever met, Sam found a jewel when he found Beth. They met at church while playing and singing on a weekly basis, and now they’re getting married. It has been so amazing getting to see Sam & Beth grow into the couple that they are today…

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Savanna Berry | Lake Charles Bridal Photography

Nothing screams elegant like long hair, a white dress, and a downtown setting. Savanna, you made an AMAZING bride on your wedding day in Baton Rouge. You made a stellar bride during your Lake Charles bridal photography session as well though! Savanna has been an absolute breeze…


Shauna & Dan’s Downtown Lake Charles Engagement Session

You have no idea how awesome it is when the groom-to-be makes a comment about enjoying the engagement session. Let’s just say that portrait sessions and men don’t typically equal fun, myself included. It’s ridiculous how much we were able to just cut up and have a blast during their Lake Charles engagement session. I absolutely can’t wait until Shuana’s bridal session and ultimately…

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Lindsay Walls, The Secret Garden Bridal Photography

Lindsay & Ethan had a beautiful Lake Charles wedding at Trinity Baptist Church. This was my first time ever photographing a wedding at Trinity and it didn’t disappoint! I had the privilege of photographing Lindsay’s bridals at the Secret Garden in Sulphur, LA and that also didn’t disappoint. Lindsay is such an easy going bride with such a fun spirit & personality.


Jennifer & Davon’s Lake Charles Engagements + Video

Jennifer & Davon have been a crazy awesome couple so far. Life doesn't give someone very many other options when you have a mustache like Davon's. Davon mentioned during their session that Jennifer didn't like it at first but when she realized "I either look like my brother or look like I'm 12" without it, she quickly grew fond of it. 

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Savanna & Braden | Lake Charles Engagements

Brayden is from Mississippi and is engaged to Savanna who is from Baton Rouge and I get to be their wedding photographer. I love getting to work with people during these super happy parts of the planning of their forever. Being a wedding photographer is quite honestly, very fulfilling.

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Dylan & Graham | Lake Charles Engagement Photography

Dylan messaged me about photographing their wedding day here in Lake Charles and I assumed for the longest time, due to her name, that I was talking to Graham. Much to my embarrassment, I was talking to the bride. She was kind enough to be understanding of my blooper…

Lake Charles Wedding Secret Garden

Abby Schexnider’s Lake Charles Bridals | The Secret Garden

When Abby told me that she wanted to take her bridal portraits at the Secret Garden in Sulphur (Lake Charles), I was so pumped. Seriously, on top of an amazing venue with a classic vintage look... Abby wore a crazy cool wedding dress. The bridal session is always…

Lake Charles Wedding Engagement Photography

Layni & Zach | Lake Charles Engagement Pictures

Layni & Zach are some of the funniest, friendliest, and most photogenic people in the world. They drove from Kinder to have their engagement session here in Lake Charles and you wouldn't believe the trouble we had with constantly having to reschedule due to the summer rain...

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Courtney & Marques | Lake Charles Engagement Session

I met Courtney through a bridal show at Magnolia Mulvanies, and I'm so glad I did! Her & Marquess are an awesome couple. Like most guys, Marques isn't really the type that loves being in front of a camera (neither am I, I don't know how you guys deal with it honestly)…

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Jordan & Haley’s Prien Lake Park Wedding

As I've mentioned in previous blogs from the sessions I've done with these two, they had a unique path that brought them to Lake Charles and formed this crazy awesome relationship. Having long-term friendships with both the bride and the groom…

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Haley Sermon | Lake Charles Bridal Photography

Believe it or not, we photographed Haley's awesome bridal session in Lake Charles. (I'm not telling where though!). Haley and I did her bridal photos without telling Jordan, we wanted the maximum amount of surprise that we could possibly get. Though Haley almost…

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Golden Nugget Wedding | Nicole + Darrin | Lake Charles

It didn't rain! Nicole & Darin booked with me well over a year ago and they were amazing to work with. They came all the way from Pearland, TX for their wedding! If you're not familiar with Pearland, it's a suburb of Houston. It was awesome getting...


Jesslyn & Jimbo’s Wedding Day Photos

It's an unusual thing for me to photograph a wedding this far from Lake Charles but I love doing it! I've known Jimbo for over ten years and he & Jesslyn's wedding was top-knotch! Here are a few of my favorites from their big day!

That sparkler exit though...


Secret Garden Engagement Photos | Haley & Jordan

Seriously though, I don't really remember much about life before knowing these two. Each have had their own separate lives and suddenly over the last year or so those two lives collided with each other. We want some pretty awesome photos for this session obviously. That being said, we shot a mixture of The Secret Garden as well as downtown Lake Charles.


Heist Wedding Photography | Ashley & Russel | Lake Charles

Ashley & Russel have been a blast to work with since day 1! I knew from our first meeting that this was going to be one of my favorite weddings, this wedding was at the Heist building in Lake Charles, LA. This has quickly become one of my favorite venues!


Alexa & Patrick’s Wedding Day

Alexa & Patrick had an awesome wedding day! They got married at this amazing venue in Woodworth, LA. Check out a few of my favorite shots!

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Lauren & Tyler’s Engagement Session

Lauren and Tyler had such a fun shoot in downtown Lake Charles. These two are the real deal! Check out a few of my favorites from their engagement session.

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Heist Engagement Photos | Lake Charles | Ashley + Russel

Ashley and Russel are getting married tomorrow! Check out the engagement shoot I did for them! These two are going to have a fun wedding! Check out these awesome shots of a an awesome(er) couple! 

*Disclaimer* Awesome(er) is not a word and shouldn't ever be used if you wish to be taken seriously in any magnitude.

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Engagement Session Photos | Lake Charles | Katie + Heath

Katie & Heath are a crazy awesome couple. Heath lives in Indiana and Katie lives here in Lake Charles. Getting to know Heath and talking about a good bit of common ground we had was awesome. I'm super happy for you guys! Congrats on the engagement! 


Cierra & Austin’s Wedding

I had so much fun shooting Cierra & Austin's big day. These two have been so awesome to work with. We had a few scary moments when we though the outside wedding venue was going to get rained out, but everything turned out great! Thank you for allowing me to photograph your wedding, bridals, and engagement portraits. I can' wait to see what the future holds for the two of you! 


Katie & Logan’s Engagement Session

Katie & Logan have been a fun couple to work with. They're full of laughs and a such a unique couple. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their engagement session....


Katie & Myles Wedding Day

Rain is the worst thing you can imagine for anyone involved. So, we started by getting the shots we could in doors and the few outside shots we could grab before weather got worse...


Cierra Fussel Bridals

Cierra! You made a 100% perfect bride! When Cierra told me she wanted to do her bridals portraits at this home, I didn't really know what to expect honestly. First off, wow. This home was insanely beautiful. I don't really have the words for it. Cierra, you were awesome to work with and we can't wait to see how the rest of you and Austin's life unfolds....


Chelsea & Andrew’s Wedding

I met Chelsea during her initial wedding consultation and just knew that she would be a rockstar bride to work with. I hate to say I told you so, but...


Mason & Hunter | Charleston Ballroom Wedding | Lake Charles

I've been blessed to have some pretty stellar clients. Mason & Hunter. I've had the privilege of working with them from the engagements, to the bridals, and now the wedding day. There Charleston Ballroom & Bistro wedding was a hit! Bridesmaid Dresses: Vows by Victoria | Wedding Dress: David's Bridal


Mason (Lyon) Bower Bridals

Rain, rain, rain, and more rain. We fought the ever-changing Lake Charles/Louisiana weather non-stop with Mason's bridal shoot. We did find that an overcast...


Matt & Lane’s Wedding | Jonesboro, Arkansas

Matt & Lane have been one of the most fun couples to work with. When I got the call from Lane I was excited from that moment. These two are full of energy, laughs, and protein shakes (If you know them, you understand). Between the cat portraits, sneaking into a college football stadium, and a BBQ festival, this weekend was a hit! I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding + the rehearsal dinner Here's a few favorites...


Haden & Hannah’s Downtown Couple Session

No idea where to start with these two.  Two of the best people in the world. I consider Haden one of my best friends despite the fact that we never even get to see each other (they live in Jonesboro, Arkansas). I met Haden around 7 or 8 years ago and knew instantly that we were going to get along just great....


Joanna & Stephen’s Lake Charles Engagement Session

I've seen Stephen around a good bit over the years but never actually got to know him. Super cool guy! Meanwhile, Joanna will keep you laughing with her witty comebacks. These two are super fun to be around and quite honestly, I CAN'T WAIT until their wedding! Check out a few of my favorites from their session in Lake Charles (that ALMOST got rained out!)....


Mason & Hunter’s Engagements

Mason & Hunter are fun. We started off shooting at McNeese State Universities football stadium and somehow managed to get locked in. We fought muddy weather on the second location but it was totally worth it! Love the moody colors we ended up with.....