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What is Aperture in Photography

What is Aperture in Photography?

Simply put, aperture is how large the opening of your lens is. A smaller opening will let in less light, leaving more of your photo in focus as opposed...

What is ISO in Photography?

So, we've answered the question of "what is ISO?" and if a high ISO causes an unflattering image, why even bother? First off, like anything with...

What is Shutter Speed in Photography

The Exposure Triangle, Part 1: What is Shutter Speed in Photography. The first portion of the exposure triangle that we’ll talk about is shutter speed.
Why I Switched from the 5diii to the EOS R

Switching to The EOS R

Ah. The Canon 5Diii. It really does feel like "home". Well, at least it did. Why I switched from the Canon 5Diii to the EOS R...
photography  online workshop

Learn Photography Fast with the Photography 101 Workshop

So, you’ve just bought a camera and have no idea how to use it. Other than those dreaded automatic modes. Luckily for you, I’ve put together an online course to help you learn photography quick. I’ve put together a video workshop containing the essentials of everything I’ve practiced and learned over the last five years or more.

Alclair Versa Review

Alclair Versa Review

Alclair Versa is a fantastic entry point into the world of custom in-ear monitoring, but it‘s important to know what you’re getting before you make the...

My Beef With the GoPro Hero 6 Black

So I purchased the brand-new GoPro Hero 6 Black. But I'm not completly happy with it. It's low light performance is just one of the terrible features of...

Zoom h4n Pro Review

The Zoom h4n Pro is essential videography tool for high quality audio. I can't stress enough how important great audio is to your video...

Aputure Amaran Review

The Aputure Amaran is quickly becoming one of my favorite LED lights. This light is by far one of the easiest lights to make look incredible...
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How to Quickly Rename Files

In this article we will learn how to quickly rename files in finder and bridge, allowing for a quicker workflow, and well, less headache.
Smatree Flex Clamp Mount

$14 Smatree Flex Clamp Mount

I didn't expect much from the Smatree Flex Clamp Mount. I needed a GoPro for my guitar head stock and quickly found out that this wasn't the clamp for...
speed up premiere exports

Speed Up Premiere Exports!

Figuring out how to Speed up Premiere Exports is very important to your workflow. Who says that you have to have an export that lasts six hours over...
How to photograph a worship service

How to Photograph a Worship Service

Ever wonder how to photograph a worship service tastefully? We often fall into situations that call for us to photograph a worship service whether it's...
faster premiere pro workflow - activate worship

Faster Premiere Workflow

It's time for a faster premiere workflow. I mean really, videography is one of the most time consuming creative fields to work in. Everything from making...
CheetahStand c review

CheetahStand C12 Review

I'm just going to start by saying, the CheetahStand c12 is the absolute best stand I've ever owned. I think everyone should own at least twelve....
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Understanding Frame Rates

Understanding frame rates when working with videography is a key factor to getting it right whether that means for a creative or even a technical reason.
Fixing Shaky Footage

Fixing Shaky Footage in Premiere

Ever wonder if fixing shaky footage in premiere is even an option? If you've shot video for any length of time you've ended up with footage that looks...

Getting a Sony A7Rii in 2019?

Should you purchase a Sony A7Rii in 2019? Can it hold up to companies like Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic. We have the answer for you. The Sony A7Rii is...
Lightroom Preset Review Forever Thine

Preset Spotlight – Forever Thine Workflow from SleekLens

The folks at SleekLens are in the business of creating workflow systems for busy photographers like myself that want to try to save a few steps in their editing process. SleekLens reached out to me through our wedding blog to see if I was interested in giving their "Forever Thine: Wedding Photography Workflow" preset system a test drive and wanted to know my thoughts.